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ampsig features..

dynamic sig scheme support!

This is cool. You can create "schemes" which are essentially self-contained preference files. You can have lots of them, too, each with a completely different set of characteristics. A pile of ready-made schemes are included for you to play with, including 'spidey', 'hellsing' and much more. If you like, you can have ampsig choose a random scheme from your schemes folder, and in that case even specify a "favourite" scheme which will display much more often than the others. Big fun and games!

So far, everything we've wanted to do in a sig has been possibly by simply altering the scheme preferences, so what we have here, essentially, is a "dynamic sig workshop".

cool feiry progress bar-graph!

Totally dynamic, progressing as the track plays along. If you pause or stop the song, it pauses too. if you pause, jump to 66%, and play again, it will also jump to 66%! the *nix version will even follow you throwing the track slider around willy-nilly! The downside is that viewers think it's so cool they keep refreshing their browser. If you like, your entire ampsig can be the progress bar!

progress bar themes!

Yup. Chose from almost twenty aptly named gradient themes including, 'toffee mint', 'green meanie', 'swarm member x', and 'the torrenteer'! You can even supply the mathematics used to calculate your own progress bar theme (check out PCheese's cool "aqua progress bar" effect). You can see a more of them in action here.

pure-GD image generation!

single file operation!

everything you need to create a dynamic signature image is contained within amp.php (ok, it needs an "ini" file to store the data, but it will create this itself, and I'll probably end up doing a MySQL option.)

Truetype support!

as well as the GD built-in font, if your webserver supports it, and the font is available, you can use super-cool TrueType fonts. you can do all sorts with these, even skew them to all degrees! preferences like leading, centring and bolding are available to all fonts, but there are extra special features available for truetype fonts, stuff like antialiasing, though you really need GD2 to make the most of this.

fully configurable!

clearly I got totally carried away and added preferences for *everything*. this is a good long-term strategy, and good for you, too! There isn't a single visual aspect that can't be tweaked, nudged, shrunk, shifted, you name it!

Supports GD1 and GD2. (GD2 is superior)


okay, it's not machine washable. but that's only because we haven't invented that machine yet! Check back soon!


ampsig is improving all the time.

One minute it's custom text fields, then computer uptime (requires "uTu" uptime updater - included), then a counter, configurable schemes, alpha-channel transparency support, and on and on, who knows what's coming next? One thing's for sure, whatever it is, you'll find out about it right here on ampsig.com, most likely in the forum.