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download ampsig

all FREE, so help yourself..

You will probably want to jump straight to it and download the current ampsig release.

Alternatively, you may have spotted Bael's neat ampsig fork, with cool "sigstats" package and X-Fire status, and you can grab that here, too.

If you want to try out the uTuFile update method, grab that here. You'll need cURL installed to use it, but then it's very easy. Make a shortcut, put it in your startup items, and keep your sig up to date with your uptime, favourite film, or whatever you like.

Or maybe you were after signux (the ampsig data client for Linux) which is here separately for folk that want to grab only signux, because they a) already have ampsig installed on their web server, or b) want to use the the script for some other purpose (perhaps because signux contains the coolest "uptime in seconds on UNIX" check in existence! heh).

signux includes the source packages for the xmms "info-pipe" and Beep Media Player patch, as well as the signux script itself, of course. Fellow penguin-lovers can have their fill right here

note: the signux package is included in the main ampsig release, along with lots of other goodies.

If you need help with anything, just ask in the forum.