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music to your eyes..

Here you can find out all about ampsig, probably the world's coolest dynamic signature image, generated with php, especially for use in forums, emails, blogs, websites, or wherever you desire to tell people what song you are playing, what your uptime is, what film does it for you this week/month/millenium, etc, the important stuff.

ampsig is FREE to download, and FREE to use, so help yourself! if you need any help setting up your sig, feel free to ask questions, even really stupid ones (there's no such thing). a few minutes from now you could have yourself a beautifully rendered, dynamically generated signature image like this..

cor's LIVE dynamic sig image [iMac Girl scheme - thanks Toy!]
in association with corz.org   
You can also host it at home, if you have a local web server and and a static ip & open port.