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Here you can find out all about ampsig's delicious schemes.

ampsig's visual attributes are separate from the main ampsig "engine" and every single facet of your sig can be altered by editing its scheme. A scheme is simply a plain text preference file (a simple php "include"), along with a background image and optionally, a font file.

With these three simple things, you can create infinite possibilities, and so far, everything we've imagined has been 100% possible, so let your imagination run riot!

If you just want to ogle some beautifully rendered ready-made sigs, check out the scheme gallery. If you are looking for information on how to create your own schemes, you'll definitely want to read this page, which will explain the the entire process, and guide you step-by-step all the way, as well as provide generous lashings of tips, tricks, suggestions, ideas, gotchas and lots more, at least once cor writes it, it will.

my ampsig users have access to a web-based scheme editor; no messing around with configuration files required!